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When you make a donation now, you’re helping our national network of visual and performing artists to use their talent for community improvement. Our programs take on issues like poverty, mental and physical health concerns, and homelessness. With your support, we are creating unique sources of revenue and awareness for important causes.  Together, we are creatively building better communities.

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Donating online is simple, secure and only takes a few moments of your time.  By clicking the large button below, you can make a donation that will make a difference for artists and your community.  

 For questions, call (917) 338-6319.

A4AC Advocates

Terrance Barber - Steve Clark - Robert Eckert - Elisabeth Lahti
Christine Mulrooney- Timothy and Maureen Cotter - Allen Herskowitz - Babs Hewitt
Helen Kagan - Nancy Marin - Francesca Morgan - Horst Mueller
James and Valerie Stern - Bonnie and Lawrence Tadross - Sharon Waters
Glenn J. Webber, PA - Paula Yormak

A4AC Allies

Ronald Fortner - Larry Glickman - Melanie and Amin Khoury - Chris Kling
Michael and Eva Knecht - Sally Long - John Savarese
Patrick Stracuzzi - Peter Wernick - Robert Alfieri - Mary Bailey
Jeffrey Chamberlin - L M Cocorullo - Celia Crisostomo
Joseph Cruz Barber - Alexandra Davenport - Vicky Edwards
Thomas Galinis - Plythe Gibbons - Henry Gonzalez
Eileen Hatt - Jim Hill - Robert Jennings - Chris Klein
Sheldon Klotz - Toni Lemoine - Richard Levenstein- Dan Mackin
Daniel McAlpin - Allola McGraw - Gerry and Debra Mueller - Jeannete Mueller - James and Maree Mulvoy
Vianne Nichols - Stacey Plymale- Bryna Potsdam - Patricia Reagan
Mary Reynolds - Mark Rodgers - Sandy Rucks - Mary Russo
Erich Schuett - Brad Simons - Jeff and Ruth Steinberg - Sharon Taylor - Linda Weiner 

Thomas and Susan Whittington - Thomas Winter - Frank Zappala - Anthony Zmistowski

A4AC Friends

Muffin Adamiak - Amelia Anicito - Ron Ashley - James Autin
Bridget Baratta - Robert Baratta - Scott Baratta - Robert Beach
Joseph Beckman - Yolanda Beecher - Alex Bigelow - Jane Blatt
Gina Bradley - Ann Brown - William Buffington - Clinton Bush, Jr
Laurie Carr - J. Allen Como- T. Cox - Tom Coxey - Carole Coyle
Sally Dayton - Barbara Delaney-Taylor - Edith Donohue - Walter Elder
Mark Engelhardt - Jennifer Ferrari - Marian Gennaro - Frank Giacobbe
Julia Glattfelt - Richard Goodwin - Nina  Griswold - Galen Guberman
Walter Hanssen - Phylis Harrison - Ruthann Hewson - C Richard  Hinckley
Sidney Holland - Suzy Hutcheson -Michael Izzolo - Jacki Jackson
U. James - Lars Janson - Marie Garritson Jureit - Carol Kepp - Karen Kerwin
John and Cindy Kessler - Timothy Kimes - Paul Kowal - Ed Long - MaryAnn Loomis
Jack McLendon - Jack Mitchell - John Mitchell - Paul Morgan
Anne Morris - Carrill Munnings - Sergio Palacio - Dante Piacesi Jr
John Quinn - William Raab - Joanne Raulin - W C Roehl - Daniel Rosen
Allen Rosenberg - Michael Sansonia - Thomas Servinsky - Ruth Shoup
Henry Smithers - Richard Steinberg - Ray Stevenson - Darly Stoll
Holly Strupinksy - Robert Susdorf - Carolyn Timmann - Beverly Ttee
Donald Turlick - Kenneth Weda - Kenneth Weinberger - Robert Witzel - Scott Zofnas

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